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The Launch Your Classroom! Video Series focuses on visual presentations and demonstrations of effective pedagogical methods. Our videos are packed with actionable techniques for teachers, regardless of content. Watch as our team of experts and former educators show you how to take your classroom to the next level!

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For September, we’re focusing on Learning Analytics for Growth. In this month's episode, Kyle and the LYC Team explore the importance of learning analytics and how teachers can apply them with student success in mind.

Classroom Strategy: Analytics for Student Engagement

When teachers find patterns in student energy levels during the school day, they can schedule lesson activities accordingly for maximum engagement. In this video, Rachel demonstrates a strategy that allows teachers to track student moods and use that data as a lesson planning tool!


Premiered on September 9, 2022


Ask an Educator: Learning Analytics for Growth

When teachers apply learning analytics to the classroom data they collect, they can adjust their instruction to help every student grow. Let's join Kyle and Rachel for a conversation about how analytics help teachers evaluate data, identify their next steps, and partner with colleagues to support student learning.   


Premiered on September 16, 2022


Reflecting on Teaching: Predictive Analytics

Predictive data can help you address your students' future needs, but like any forecasting tool, it has its limits. Let's listen to Tara explain the power of predictive analytics, and how to use them wisely! 


Premiered on September 23, 2022


Cultural Understanding: Why Data Matters in the US Classroom

Why Data Matters in the US Classroom - Cultural Understanding

Teachers who carefully study classroom data get to know the strengths and challenges of their individual students. Let's join Kate for a discussion about the essential role of student data in lesson planning, differentiation, and shared PLC goals!


Premieres September 30, 2022

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