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The Launch Your Classroom! Video Series focuses on visual presentations and demonstrations of effective pedagogical methods. Our videos are packed with actionable techniques for teachers, regardless of content. Watch as our team of experts and former educators show you how to take your classroom to the next level!

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For May, we’re focusing on Student Collaborative Activities. In this month's episode, Kyle and the LYC team present some strategies to help increase the quantity and quality of student collaboration in the classroom.

Classroom Strategy: Collaborative Outlines for Student Writing

When students prewrite together in groups, they build their organizational skills and learn from each other. Let’s watch Rachel demonstrate how students can use a collaborative outline to structure their writing! 


Premiered on May 13, 2022


Ask an Educator: Student Collaborative Activities

When students collaborate, they engage with your instructional content, and with each other, on a more meaningful level! Let's listen to Kyle and Rachel discuss how to group students, keep them on track, and proactively manage student misbehavior during collaborative activities.


Premiered on May 20, 2022


Reflecting on Teaching: Group Self-Assessment

Group Self-Assessment - Reflecting on Teaching

Student reflection on collaborative groups promotes awareness and growth! In this video, Heather explains how students can use a self-assessment to evaluate themselves and their teammates after collaborative work.


Premieres on May 27, 2022


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