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The Launch Your Classroom! Video Series focuses on visual presentations and demonstrations of effective pedagogical methods. Our videos are packed with actionable techniques for teachers, regardless of content. Watch as our team of experts and former educators show you how to take your classroom to the next level!

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For March, we’re focusing on Feedback for Motivating Students! In this month's episode, Rachel and the LYC team as they discuss how to motivate students through the use of specific feedback regarding their strengths and challenges.

Classroom Strategy: Revision for Growth

Learning from one’s mistakes is a valuable skill that develops over time. Let’s listen as Rachel describes a strategy that creates an environment where mistakes are seen as an opportunity to improve, and fixing those mistakes is a way to increase learning.


Premiered on March 10, 2023

Ask an Educator: Feedback for Motivating Students

Many times, our students need more than just grades on assignments to know they are successful in class. Let’s listen as Rachel and Allison discuss the importance of giving qualitative feedback to motivate your students while also building rapport


Premiered on March 17, 2023

Cultural Understanding: Teacher as Motivator

Teachers in the US understand that they have a role to play in motivating students. Let’s listen as Kate describes some of the ways a teacher can act as a motivator, through the use of incentives, frequent positive and constructive feedback, and building rapport with students.


Premiered on March 24, 2023

Reflecting on Teaching: Student Motivation

Teacher feedback positively impacts students in many different ways! Let’s watch and listen to some of the ways a teacher’s comments and feedback can help develop student confidence and increase learning. 


Premiered on March 31, 2023

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