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The Launch Your Classroom! Video Series focuses on visual presentations and demonstrations of effective pedagogical methods. Our videos are packed with actionable techniques for teachers, regardless of content. Watch as our team of experts and former educators show you how to take your classroom to the next level!

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For January, we’re focusing on Organization for a Fresh Start! In this month's episode, Rachel and the LYC team discuss tips and strategies to help teachers and their students improve their organizational skills.

Reflecting on Teaching: Organizing Materials for Home and School

Technology not only helps teachers plan effectively and efficiently; it can also make planning portable! Let’s listen as Hilary provides three tips on how to organize your technology and other resources when you need to bring work home.


Premiered on January 13, 2023

Ask an Educator: Organization for a Fresh Start

Before embarking on a new term or even a new week, take some time to reorganize your classroom and materials. Let’s listen as Rachel and Hilary suggest tips for when, why, and how to organize your space and paperwork for teaching success! 


Premiered on January 20, 2023

Cultural Understanding: Student Disorganization

Teachers can help students develop orderly work habits, but they don’t all learn the same way! In this video, Kate discusses how teachers can use modeling to support students in becoming more organized while recognizing individual differences.


Premiered on January 27, 2023

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