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The Launch Your Classroom! Book Series provides actionable advice for the most common classroom challenges. We bring decades of experience in education to create comprehensive plans on classroom management, student engagement, lesson planning, and more! Our books instill the knowledge you need to be confident in the classroom.

In each Launch Your Classroom! book you will find:

  • Pedagogical case studies
  • Proven teaching strategies
  • Engaging classroom activities
  • Informative videos

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Praise for the Launch Your Classroom! Book Series

Launch Your Classroom! is an amazing tool for classroom management and teacher professionalism that anyone can benefit from.” – Kerry-Ann F.

Launch Your Classroom! is a powerful resource that will surely help teachers have a successful school year.” – Martha R.

Launch Your Classroom! is a valuable resource, which gives teachers a wide variety of strategies to be successful in the classroom. It is like a guide for all the teachers.” – Lalitha C.

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About the Launch Your Classroom! Book Series

The Launch Your Classroom! Book Series, which began as a handbook for international teachers adjusting to teaching in the United States and later expanded into a four-book series, is now a best-seller on Amazon in several categories. Each book is around 100 pages long and provides advice in a concise and practical manner. 

All four books are available in print and as ebooks. The ebooks are available for free on the first Friday of every month and can be read on any mobile device through Amazon’s free Kindle apps.

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Launch Your Classroom! Building a Foundation for Learning


Launch Your Classroom Building a Foundation for Learning book cover


The first installment in the series covers everything you need to set your classroom up for success. You’ll learn more about the American school system, classroom design, and building relationships with your students and colleagues.

Launch Your Classroom Management! Creating a Well-Run Classroom


    Launch Your Classroom Management cover


    In the second book, we focus on challenging student behavior. Our approach is proactive and seeks to create an environment that stops misbehavior before it begins. We discuss creating and enforcing classroom rules and procedures and responding to disruptive behavior.

        Launch Your Classroom Instruction! Planning and Delivering Effective Lessons


        Launch Your Classroom Planning and Delivering Effective Lessons book cover


        The third book has all the information you need to deliver course content and ensure student learning. We provide strategies to create and execute engaging, informative lessons and guidelines on using assessment to meet learning objectives.

        Launch Your Classroom Engagement! Fostering a Culture of Learning


        Launch Your Classroom Engagement cover


        The fourth installment of the series covers student engagement. This book presents the key consideration when designing activities to hold student interest — collaboration. We also address how to balance student interest with productivity when implementing group work in the classroom.